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Integrity Fruit

About Us

Integrity Fruit offers state of the art packing facilities using the latest technology to achieve optimal results for our Growers.

Situated in Ardmona, we are located in the heart of the Goulburn Valley and source fruit from a strong supply base.

We have packing facilities for both Pome Fruit and Stone Fruit and pack all year round - currently packing over 30,000 bins of fruit a year. In addition, we also offer CA storage facilities. Our Packing Shed also houses an Apple Presizer that allows us to size pack to the needs of the market.

Our History

  • 2001:

    Orchardists David Bolitho, Ray Sellwood, Ian Bolitho, Andrew McNab, John Pottenger, Shane Hall, Peter Hall and Todd Hall came together as a group with the objective of encouraging greater profitability through the transparency of information in the fruit supply chain.
  • 2004:

    It became apparent to the group that the conventional method of packing fruit had some limitations and it was decided to investigate creating a new fruit packing operation.
  • 2006:

    The group purchased the packing and cool store property at Ardmona. A government grant was received to set up new technology within the fruit packing industry.
  • 2007:

    State of the art MAF Roda Presizer and pack to order rapid packer installed and operation at the Ardmona site.
  • 2010:

    Integrity Fruit develops solid relationships with independent marketers.
  • 2012:

    Development of Integrity Growers Information System to enable grower’s timely access to their information.
  • 2013:

    Defect sorter installed on Presizer.
  • 2016:

    Pomegranate Grader with Defect Sorter fully commissioned.

Company Vision











Our vision at Integrity is to provide growers with a unique opportunity to have their fruit packed and sold within an environment that supports the potential returns of the grower.

Our aim is to provide a quality packing service backed with strong links to the market to ensure the best returns possible for our growers.

Critical steps in achieving this vision include:
• Forming strong business relationships with our customers
• Creating innovative packing solutions
• Offering information that allows suppliers to quantify further potential returns
• Offering transparency of charges to growers.

We pride ourselves in getting the right fruit to the right customer.

We are able to achieve consistent returns for suppliers by:
• Having a strong brand and presence in the market place
• Having strong relationships within the market
• Building strong relationships with our growers
• Understanding the growing process
• Understanding the requirements of the market