Rhys Bolitho

Toni Filippi - Grower Services and Audit Manager

Shed Manager / Marketing

Rhys has extensive experience in Stonefruit packing having worked in the industry for over 10 years. Rhys has a vast knowledge of defect sorting technologies and his expertise is second to none in this field.

He has developed his knowledge of Pomefruit since he joined Integrity Fruit in early 2016, and has worked hard to get across all areas of the Packing Shed.

Ash Liversidge

Toni Filippi - Grower Services and Audit Manager

Facility Manager

Ash joined Integrity Fruit in 2010 and has worked her way through the ranks of the Packing Shed. Initially Ash spent time on the packing line, and then moved to managing our Despatch area for 2 years prior to being promoted to Facility Manager.

Ash has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Packing Shed and the pressures that come with a season. Ash is continually working to get the best results out of both the fruit on the line and how the staff are handling the fruit in order to get the optimal result for the grower.