Extensive Packing Facilities
Quality Control and Marketing

Quality Control

Integrity Fruit complies with the strictest standards in food and safety practices.

We have high quality control standards, and rigorous inspection and testing processes to ensure our fruit is of the best quality possible.

We provide a safe working environment, and our staff are trained in hygiene, food handling and safety.

The SQF Code and HACCP are the basis of the Integrity Fruit management system, ensuring that food safety and other requirements are met. The Quality System ensures that fruit meets Marketers quality and safety requirements at every stage of production.


At Integrity Fruit we offer state of the art Packing facilities for both Stone and Pome Fruit with our Packing Shed staffed all year round. In addition to this we also offer CA storage facilities.

Presizer & Rapid Packer

Our Apple Presizer sets us apart from other Packing Sheds by giving our Growers the opportunity to have their fruit size packed to the needs of the Market.

Commit to Pack Grader

We have a new state of the art grader installed in 2016 in our packing shed with defect sorting technology. There are 8 HD cameras per lane that have the capacity to take 40+ photos of each piece of fruit as it rotates through the defect sorter capturing defects not always visible to the naked eye. This is the latest technology in fruit sorting.

Marketing & Feedback

We sell fruit on behalf of our growers. This marketing platform allows our suppliers to access all supermarkets and the central market, and enables us to get the best possible return for our growers.

Integrity Fruit has an experienced Management Team that knows and understands the value of feedback and always ensures that the grower is kept informed on their line of fruit. We would love to hear from you – see our Contact Us page.